Article Marketing – Top 4 Effective Target Traffic Generation Strategies

Article Marketing Fundamental 1: This type of content marketing is among many effective direct “softsell” marketing methods. Now, it is more popularly known as an effective direct marketing technique due to Internet search engines and online article directories. It was however also the case in pre-Internet days because companies advertised their products or services in relevant offline publications (which they still do up to this day).

Of course, popular online and offline publications in any particular niche are now frequently read by people interested in relevant topics. At present, a lot more people use search engines to quickly find relevant information which can solve their problems or educate them.

It is crucial to identify and compare facts of this written content marketing method against search engine and content syndication marketing fundamentals. Why? This needs to be done before getting the top 4 effective traffic generation strategies via this content marketing method.

Article Marketing Fundamental 2: Written content (article) is used to provide target readers with helpful information or advice most relevant to their needs. Content should also contain information or advice highly relevant to the products or services of the company.

This also helps companies establish business credibility. Through this marketing strategy, companies can widen exposure of their products or services to reach a larger percentage of their target markets.

More importantly, article content should be written in a way which does not only provide target readers with relevant and helpful information or advice. Rather, it should also be written in a way which can: (1) grab target readership attention, (2) get them interested in reading the rest of its content, (3) help them get useful information or advice and keep them entertained enough to read on, (4) make them curious enough to ask for more useful relevant info/advice, then (5) give them a soft push to act accordingly.

Article Marketing Fundamental 3: These Articles are generally published by article directories. Most article directories do not charge authors any fees to publish their articles. Ads on pages where the articles are published enable directory owners to collect revenues.

More published articles about various niches result to: (1) wider exposure and (2) more readers. This means directory owners and authors both benefit from this type of content marketing due to readership and article page view growth.

Search Engine Marketing Fundamental 1: Top article directories have good domain authority in the eyes of search engines. Authors place their target keywords in their relevant articles so it can be indexed by search engines for those keywords.

This must be done properly however because search engines and article directories most likely consider excessive keyword stuffing as spam. Articles overly stuffed with keywords after all tend to have unreadable content with less useful information or advice (since its only purpose is most likely “food” for search engines), and most (if not all) article directories do not publish such content.

Search Engine Marketing Fundamental 2: The top article directories, arranged by PR (Page Rank) and Alexa (traffic rank), are classified by search engines in terms of PR, ranking and authority using a lot of measurable factors.

These measurable factors may include: (1) onsite search engine optimization (title, description, meta keywords, sitemap, keyword placement in content, media richness and robots.txt optimization), (2) domain age, (3) number of backlinks from relevant sites, (4) number of backlinks from irrelevant sites, (5) PR, ranking and authority of sites with links pointing to article directories, (6) average number of outbound and inbound links on article directories and (7) traffic (daily traffic and page views).

Content Syndication Marketing Fundamental 1: These article directories also have high viewer traffic and large syndicate content publisher base. Having lots of articles published on these directories usually results to wider exposure and larger target market reach.

Also, having lots of articles published by many top directories and their syndicated content publisher members means sharing PR and domain authority of their sites with the author’s site pages. Backlinks on high PR dofollow well-aged high authority domain sites are most likely considered as their votes for those linked pages about topics covered by the keyword anchors used. Being voted by these top article directories and sites of its syndicated content publisher members means having votes with more weight. This improves domain authority, PR and search engine rankings of the voted sites aside from widening exposure which results to generating more targeted traffic.

Article Marketing Strategy I: Write articles in a “softsell” marketing writing style.

Why? Content written in the “hardsell” marketing tone usually lowers reader interest and interactivity because they tend to think the author is more interested in making a sale than sincerely helping them.

How to write article content in the “softsell” marketing style? You can properly do this by: (1) identifying pieces of information or advice which can be useful for your target readers and relevant to your products or services, (2) placing your main target keyword in an attention-grabbing title, (3) placing your main and related target keywords in an interest-provoking description, (4) placing your main and related target keywords once for each 120-word block in 2/3 of article body (should be rich in relevant content beneficial to your target readers), (5) placing your main and related target keywords in the last 1/3 of the article body (must provoke their curiosity for more relevant and beneficial content), and (6) placing your main and related target keywords in an effective call-to-action bio box as anchors of links pointing to pages of your site with more new relevant information/advice.

Article Marketing Strategy II: Have lots of properly written, keyword-optimized articles published by top directories and their syndicated content publishers.

Why? It will: (1) have high search engine rankings for its keywords and (2) be read by more people interested in topics covered by the keywords.

Number 1 above is a function of the PR and domain authority of the article directories. Articles targeting particular keywords will rank high on relevant search engine results if published on these directories. Why? The published articles will use the domain authority and PR of these directories.

Number 2 above is a function of number 1 and the content syndication publisher base volume of the article directories. Why? If published articles rank high on relevant search engine results, more people will see the articles, and if articles are syndicated by lots of content publisher members of these directories, then a lot more will be able to see it.

Article Marketing Strategy III: Have 1 properly written, keyword-optimized article published by as many top article directories as possible.

Why? Most (if not all) of the top article directories also publish content already published by other directories, provided it is under the same author name. This is the same process involved in content syndication. With this, having 1 article published under the same author name by a lot of directories means high search engine rankings for the articles and the pages where its links point to, plus more content publisher members syndicating the article on their sites. This of course translates to wider exposure and more target traffic for the author’s sites.

What is “content syndication”? It is a method where publishers (article directories) have a membership base (syndicate content publishers) who can republish (syndicate) content already published on the directory itself and others as long as: (1) the author’s name and links are included and (2) all its content remains unchanged.

Article Marketing Strategy IV: Have articles published by offline and online publications which your target markets frequently read.

Of course, it’s important to go where your target market hangs out because of a lot of factors. You can determine their demands and habits by doing this. More so, most (if not all) businesses with successful sales margins establish their point-of-sale outlets and ads in places often visited by their target markets.

Article Marketing Secrets – 5 Dead Simple Ways to Increase Your Article’s Effectiveness

Okay, lets get one thing straight right now. You are here because you want to use article marketing to make some money. No sugar coating there. So what I am going to do for you today is provide you with some substantial and effective content you can use to get the most out of article marketing. This is not going to be some lame, boring article where I basically tell you nothing and you’re left in the dark. No! I am going to show you some tips and strategies that I REALLY use in my own business to drive tons of targeted traffic to my websites every single day! That is what you want right? Of course, otherwise you would not even be reading this.

A quick story before we continue. I am a full time network marketer and have built my business online. One of the major components of my online marketing strategy includes article marketing. I believe articles are very powerful and can do wonders for your traffic and conversions, but you have to know what you are doing. Too many times I see so many people make innocent mistakes when writing articles and it costs them in the long run. So just know that I have a thorough knowledge of article marketing and will give you nothing but valuable information.

First, Why Even Write Articles?

Well, articles and article content make up a significant portion of search results. Articles can be written by anyone, regardless of experience, position or title. Articles can be factual or they can be opinionated. Articles get information to the searcher easily and can be very persuasive and influential. The best thing to me, about writing articles, is that you are not confined to any specific guidelines. You can write about whatever you like and do so from your own unique perspective.

Article Marketing Secret #1 – Be Unique And Authentic

The only way that article marketing is going to pay off for you is if you are unique and authentic. This means that you are creative and you have your own style of writing. This will increase your readership and people who are aligned with what you have to say. One suggestion that can help you tremendously is to write with emotion. The more emotionally charged your writing is the more people will resonate with what you have to say. Being boring and dry is not something I would recommend.

Article Marketing Secret #2 – Give The Readers What They Want

A huge mistake I see many people make when they write articles is not delivering. People arrive at your article with the intention of getting a question answered, solving a problem or getting an opinion of a specific topic. Your sole priority as a writer is to give that reader exactly what they want. The more relevant and on topic you are the better. Do not be like some of the rookies online who write an article, but never stay on topic and then wonder why their articles are not effective.

Article Marketing Secret #3 -Laser Focus

When using article marketing it is vitally important that you focus on your target market. Your target market is the group of people that you are focusing on to either promote a product or service to or have join your business. For example if your target market is people who want to lose weight, then write articles about how to lose weight. DO NOT STRAY FROM YOUR TARGET MARKET. Too many times I see articles that are written with a catchy title that lure people in, but never delivers in the article. The more on topic and focused you are, the more effective article marketing will be.

Article Marketing Secret #4 – Get More People Reading Your Articles

This step all has to do with article promotion. What good is your article if no one is reading it? Pretty much useless. This is why it is crucial for you to know how to get your articles read by more people. Article dissemination can be accomplished numerous ways, but we want to focus on doing it efficiently. This is where the help of an article submission tool comes in handy. You can write one article and manually submit it to article directories (which takes forever) or you can be smart and write one article and have it submitted to hundreds of article directories with the click of a few buttons. See the video below for a cheap and powerful tool.

Article Marketing Secret #5 – Be Very Consistent

It’s a shame. Too many times people start writing articles but never are consistent. They write a few articles, don’t see big time results and stop writing. Article marketing is something that will only pay off if your are consistent. By this I mean you need to be writing at least 3 articles every week for at least 90 days. Do this, and I guarantee you will see results. Out of any marketing secret or tip I can give you, this is probably the most important. No marketing strategy will work unless you stick with it, remember that.

So there you have it. 5 simple ways you can increase your articles effectiveness. Follow these and you will have success with article marketing. But remember, you have to take action in order for this to work. Best of luck my friend.

Stop Wasting Time and Money With Your Article Marketing

Online marketers are always arguing for or against the value of article marketing. Many will argue that article marketing could provide real traffic and sales to ones’ website, and furthermore, article submission has the potential to offer some serious SEO value to the marketers’ websites. Many more will tell you that article marketing is an utter waste of time and money…

The difference between those who do well with article marketing and those who do not is usually a matter of education, or lack thereof…

Those who succeed with article marketing generally know a few things that others don’t, and just as importantly, these people understand the nature of the article marketing landscape.

Those who fail with article marketing do so for a number of reasons, although most importantly, the reason for failure is rooted in a lack of knowledge about how to truly make article marketing work for them, and the lack of understanding about an always shifting landscape of article marketing.

Other reasons many online marketers fail with article marketing:

* They think that one article is a good test of the technique. Even the greatest baseball player in history (Ty Cobb) only batted.367, which is just a hair over one hit for every three “at bats”.

Even the professional article marketers, who have a track record of making hundreds of thousands of dollars with article marketing, do not produce winners at the same level as Ty Cobb provided hits… There are no article marketers who hit it out of the park every time… As with anything else in life, article marketing success is dictated by the Law Of Averages.

So consider this: If the professional article writers do not hit it out of the park with every article, what makes YOU think that your one article is a “good test” of the technique?

* People suppose that since article marketing is a method of advertising, then they should “advertise” in their articles. But, it does not work that way. People want information, so in articles, we give them the information that they want. All advertising should be reserved for the Authors’ Resource Box that follows the article – this is also where you will place your anchor text links, to influence your websites’ rankings in the search engines.

* Press Releases are for sharing news about your company. Articles are for sharing information that people want to know. In your press release, you should mention the name of your company / website inside the main body of text. But with articles, you should only mention your company / website in the Authors’ Resource Box.

* If people will not want to read your article, reputable publishers will not want to publish your article.

The Always Shifting Landscape

Websites that are willing to accept your articles directly fall into two categories:

* Those who will publish anything; and

* Those who have editorial standards and are very selective about the articles they are willing to accept from marketers…

Those who will publish anything generally find it difficult to attract repeat visitors… Therefore, they find that attracting visitors is a struggle that never ends.

This results in websites that do not provide profits to the website owner… How many websites do you own where you will keep pumping money into them, once you have come to the realization that those websites will never turn a profit for you?

New website owners will frequently prepay up to two years of domain registration and web hosting. As you can imagine, if after two years the website has never turned a profit, the site will close when its registration expires.

The other side of this coin is that if the website is not earning money, the website owner will frequently quit working on it, well before the website expires… So if it is an article directory, don’t be surprised when you realize that the website works, but no one is home to approve your article submissions…

Those webmasters, who do have editorial standards, find attracting and keeping visitors to be much easier… And as a result, they find that earning a profit is not only realistic, but it is a way of life…

Article Directories that have editorial standards, like, will continue to be around for a very long time. In operation since 2001, IdeaMarketers has always operated with clear editorial standards in place, and so long as its owners continue to exercise the prerogative to have editorial standards, you can bet that this website will continue to attract repeat visitors and to earn a profit for years to come.

Quality information is the key to the survival of websites and to writing articles that will stand the test of time, delivering a lifetime of traffic and sales.

Here Today… Gone Tomorrow…

If for one minute, you rely on websites that will publish anything, to make your article marketing campaigns work for you, then you will find that most of your article submission efforts will be wasted…

The owners of a vast majority of the Article Directories are not even approving the articles that have been submitted to them…

And even if they are approving articles, most of those websites that will accept your article submissions will close within two years, due to a lack of profits, resulting from a lack of editorial standards on the part of the website owner.

The vast majority of websites, which accept articles from the public, stop approving articles within just a few months… Thereafter, when the domain expires, the website and your articles on it will disappear into the dust bin of history…

In Conclusion…

If you focus only on you or your products / website in your articles, then you will have no one to blame for your failure, but you…

But, if you focus on providing your readers information that they can use and will enjoy reading, then your article marketing campaigns could provide the level of success to you that you seek, just as it has provided success to the many authors, whose names you know and websites you recognize by name…